34th Conf. Christchurch 24-26 Sept. 2024
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2011 Perth Presentations

2011 Perth Presentations

Long Distance Retrievals in a Mass Casualty Incident - Dr Len Notaras AM, Executive Director, National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre, Darwin

A Comparison of Metropolitan vs Rural Major Trauma in Western Australia - Prof Daniel Fatovich, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine, WAIMR

Carriage of Blood Products on all Flights - Mr Phil Hogan, Air Ambulance Victoria

Long Distance Interstate Neonatal Transfers - Dr Steven Resnick, Medical Director, Newborn Emergency Transport Services WA

International Aeromedical Retrieval; 25 Years of Careflight Experience - Paul Smith, National Manager, Careflight International Air Services

The Outcome of Aeromedical Transfer of Women in Preterm Labour in Western Australia - Ms Natalie Akl, Medical Student Researcher, University of WA

Dehydration in Staff Performing Helicopter Retrieval Work - Dr Julianne Schliebs, Consultant, Royal Adelaide Hospital Emergency Department MedSTAR

Clinical Governance, Aeromedical Retrieval and the Pursuit of Excellence - A/Professor Geoffrey Ramin, Senior Specialist Aeromedical Critical Care, RFDS Queensland

Practising Beyond Boundaries, Who Decides? (Neonatal case report) - Belinda Amber CN, Neonatal/Paediatric Retrieval Nurse, MedSTAR Kids

Safety in Aviation and Medicine - Dr Richard Batt, Manager, International Safety Investigations, Australian Transport Safety Bureau

The Hypoxia Challenge Test Does Not Accurately Predict Hypoxia in Flight in Ex-Preterm Neonates - Dr Steven Resnick, Medical Director, Newborn Emergency Transport Services WA

Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) for Single Pilot Operations - Ms Laurie Earl, Researcher, Griffith University

Ketamine Sedation for Patients with Acute Agitation and Psychiatric Illness Requiring Aeromedical Retrieval - Dr Minh Le Cong, Senior Medical Education Officer, RFDS Queensland

Evaluation of Nitric Oxide in Aircraft - Mr Ian Kitson, Engineer, AEA Adelaide

Obstetric Transfer Decision-Making; Balancing Risks - Dr Andrew Berry AM, State Director, NETS-NSW

Major Haemorrhage in the Remote and Retrieval Environment: Novel Solutions to a Unique Problem - Dr Stuart Gillon, Retrieval Registrar, RFDS Western Operations

New Aircraft, Airworthiness Regulations and its Impact on Aeromedical Operators - Mr Mick Kaesler, Engineering Manager, AEA Adelaide

Non-Invasive Ventilation in Medical Retrieval - Mr David Tingey, Retrieval Paramedic Practitioner, MedSTAR Adelaide

Predicting Outcome in Extremely Premature Outborn versus Inborn Infants - Rosemarie Boland, Nurse Educator, NETS Victoria

Aeromedical Crew Resource Management - Stefan Becker, EHAC

Road Landings; Aviation and Clinical Aspects - Capt Ross Andrews & Dr Catarina Widing, RFDS Western Operations

Transfer of ICU Patients Following the Christchurch Earthquake - Mr Garry Robinson, Clinical Nurse Manager & Flight Nurse, Department of ICU, Christchurch Hospital

Air Medical Response to the Christchurch Earthquake - Mr Ian Lauder, The Life Flight Trust, Auckland NZ

From Private Godfrey to Rescue Special Ops - Mr Tony Laws, Aircrew Training Instructor (SAR), Bristow Helicopters WA

Aeromedical Response to the Queensland Floods & Cyclone Yasi - Jennifer Craig, Deputy Principal Nursing Officer, RFDS Queensland & Leanne Smith, Nursing Director, Retrieval Services Queensland

Difficult Access in Rotary Medical Services - Capt Andy Greenall, Base Manager, CHC Helicopters WA & Jason Boschin, Critical Care Paramedic

Bariatric Transports: A Growing Problem for Transport Services - Dr Daniel G. Hankins MD FACEP, Medical Director, Emergency Medicine, MAYO Clinic, Minnesota USA / President AAMS

H1N1 09 Influenza Pandemic - Ms Karen Croker, Principal Clinical Advisory - Aeromedical & Critical Care Services, RFDS Queensland

Designing Aeromedical Fit Out; Integrations for Challenging Patient Transfers - Mr Mark Buick, Director, Principal Engineer - Total Aerospace Solutions

Remote Charters in the Kimberley - Gillian Humbert, Senior Flight Nurse, RFDS Western Operations, Derby

Optimising Fluid Resuscitations of Haemorrhagic Shock: State of the Art - Dr Daniel G. Hankins MD FACEP, Medical Director, Emergency Medicine, MAYO Clinic, Minnesota USA / President AAMS

The Medic-Air Aeromedical Patient Handling System - Mr Andrew Moore, Project Manager, AEA Aerospace Group

Transporting Children with Respiratory Distress - Mrs Lea Averay, Clinical Retrieval Nurse, MedSTAR Retrieval Service

Innovations in Audio Visual Communications and Remote Telehealth - Mr Peter Carter, Managing Director, Evidence Technology

Recognition of Cumulative Trauma Exposure in Your Flight Crew - Joan Hankins RN BSN, Flight Nurse, Mayo Clinic Medical Transport, Rochester, Minnesota USA

Training Remote Practitioners; The Remote Trauma Education Program - Ms Bronte Douglas, Trauma Nurse Coordinator, National Critical Care and Trauma Resposne Centre, Darwin

Naval Retrieval in the Southern Ocean - Dr David McIlroy, Medical Officer, RFDS Western Operations

Pilot: Retrieval Practitioner Journey at MedSTAR - Barriers & Opportunities - Ms Deidre Clarke, Nursing Director, MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval

Standardisation in Air Rescue, Erwin Stolpe, EHAC