34th Conf. Christchurch 24-26 Sept. 2024
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2010 Christchurch Presentations

2010 Christchurch Presentations

History of NZ Air Ambulance & Overview of Local Region - Dr David Bowie, Clinical Leader (Canterbury Air Retrieval Service)

US Antarctic Programme - Leann Stringer, RN (Medical Coordinator)

Retrieval from Antarctica - Garry Robinson, Flight Nurse (Christchurch Hospital Retrieval Service)

Extreme Rescue - Tony Ward & Frank Haggerty

An Innovative Approach to Safety Training and Education in Remote and Hostile Environments - Anthony de Wit, M.I.C.A. Flight Team Manager, HEMS 4 (Air Ambulance, Victoria)

Aviation Physiology Training (new evidence on hypoxia training and training developments in RNZAF - Flying Officer Gareth Iremonger

RNZAF Strategic Aeromedical Capability Update - Squadron Leader Jude Telford (RNZAF)

Major Risks faced by RFDS Western Operations in the event of a Tropical Cyclone - Steven Curnin

Flying Doctor Emergency Airway Registry - Dr Minh Le Cong (RFDS Cairns)

Continuous Improvement in Aeromedical Environment - Assoc Prof Matt Hooper, Director (MedSTAR)

Wellness Checks for Flight Nurses - Steph Boston, CNM

A factual account of the night ditching of VH-NGA into the ocean off Norfolk Island: Survival, Incident Response and Organisational Impact - Paul Smith (Careflight International)

What is Past is Prologue: A Look at the Present and Future of HEMS in the USA - Dan Hankins, MD (AAMS President)

40 Years Air Rescue in Europe - Dr Erwin Stolpe (EHAC Board Member)

Air Ambulance Standards - David Waters, Chief Executive (Ambulance New Zealand)

Paraquat Poisoning, Personal Risks vs Duty of Care - Mrs Fay Malcomson

ECMO Retrieval, Multi-Organ Failure secondary to Acute Mitral Regugitation - Dr Ajintha Pathmanathan, Anaesthetics Fellow

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, Repatriation and Unplanned Readmissions - Peter Kennedy, NZCFN

The European Helicopter Safety Team - Stefan Becker, MD MSc (EHAC)

Aviation Safety - Wing Commander Peter Hurly (RNZAF)

Transporting the Paediatric Patient / PICU in the Pacific - Elle Lally, Flight Nurse

Aeromedical research and critical analysis by Flight Nurses in New Zealand - Karyn Hathaway (University of Otago, Wellington)

ECMO Transportation - Di Fuller

Transferring the Extreme Psychiatric Patient - Dr David Bowie & Delwyn Rattray (Christchurch Air Retrieval Service)

Psychiatric Aeromedical Retrievals: Towards Best Practice - Dr Minh Le Cong (RFDS Cairns)

Air Traffic Control; What Goes Up ... Must Come Down - Ozzie Malcolm, Air Traffic Controller (Airways New Zealand)

Development of a Super Light Intensive Care Stretcher (SLICS) - John Goldswain (Unique Technical Solutions Ltd)

Innovations in Aeromedicine - Wing Commander Michael Penman (Australian Defence Force)