34th Conf. Christchurch 24-26 Sept. 2024
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Newsletters were previously published for the benefit of members in the past. Currently there is no active newsletter. Material is available through the social pages of the Society.

MedicAir August 2012

Retrieval & Aeromedical Courses in Australia and New ZealandPresident's Report 2012 - Andrew Berry Member Profile…

MedicAir March 2012

Feature Article: Pre-Hospital Blood Transfusion in Aeromedical RetrievalPresident's Report March 2011 - Andrew Berry…

MedicAir August 2011

Feature Article: The Challenge!President's Report 2010-2011 - Andrew Berry Activities: New Standard for Air Ambulances…

MedicAir August 2010

Feature Article: Retrieval from AntarcticaPresident's Report August 2010 - Kevin Allan Activities: 22nd Annual…

MedicAir May 2010

Feature Article: "Aircraft Approved" - Buyer Beware!! - Mark BuickPresident's Report May 2010 - Kevin Allan A Page in…

MedicAir February 2010

Feature Article: Case Study: Transportation of an ECMO patient by air - Kathryn DawsonPresident's Report February 2010…

MedicAir August 2009

Feature Article: Not All Missions Are In Smooth Water - Paul KernickPresident's Report August 2009 - Kevin AllanMember…

MedicAir May 2009

Feature Article: Dual Chamber Myocardial Rupture - Jason HunterPresident's Report May 2009 - Kevin AllanConference…